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Bangai-o Dreamcast ISO Free Download


Free Download Bangai-o Dreamcast ISO.

Set 200 years in the future on the planet Dan Star, players pilot a giant robot as either Riki Makishi or his sister Mami Makishi in this side scrolling 2D shooter. Featuring 44 levels and free 360 degree movement, the robots are equipped with different armaments such as scatter bombs (which use up bomb energy), regular missiles, and heat-seeking missiles that shoot in all directions or bounce off objects. Bangai-O supports as many as 500 enemies onscreen at once, but players can also use powerful bombs to temporarily clear crowded areas

Using the classic 2D formula and replacing the all too common space fighter ships with anime-like mechs, Bangai-O offers gamers old school game mechanics that side scrolling fans of the early 90s will find extremely refreshing. Bangai-O is a one player game and supports the Dreamcast VMU, using five blocks of memory space.

  • Game Name : Bangai-o
  • Region : EU
  • Release Date : September 3, 1999
  • Genre : Shoot ’em up
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