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Deadly Skies Dreamcast ISO Free Download


Free Download Deadly Skies Dreamcast ISO.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to flight simulators. In one camp is the hardcore professionals that eat, live and drink the ultra real, ultra technical flight sim, and then, of course, the rest of us, who just want to fly planes, shoot bad guys and have fun in an arcade sort of way. The later can normally be found on the console, which for Deadly Skies, is pretty handy.

Deadly Skies is your typical arcade fly sim. Playing a mercenary pilot in the Delta Squadron of the fictional Laconain Airforce, your missions vary from attacking other airborne targets as well as the odd base here and there. And with over 30 aircraft that you can buy with money earned from these missions the choice of aircraft can be important, as you fly through that ravine.

Because the game as opted for the arcade model, the inclusion of airbrakes, flaps and all your basic controls that you normally have to worry about aren’t present, making the gameplay very easy to pick up.

  • Game Name : Deadly Skies
  • Region : EU
  • Release Date : July 29, 1999
  • Genre : Flight Simulator
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