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Lethal Skies II PS2 ISO Free Download


Free Download Lethal Skies II PS2 ISO.
Hunt down submarines and dogfight with enemy pilots in this gorgeously detailed, high-speed flight simulator.

A year-long global war between the World Alliance and the World Order Reorganization Front has ended with planet Earth in peril. As a result of resentment and distrust, the World Alliance has begun to split and the seeds for a new global war are being planted. Nowhere is safe, not even the skies.


New planes, new missions, new features… and a vicious new enemy!!

  • A graphic leap from the original, with super-detailed jet models, amazing light effects, and graphically rich environments
  • 20 missions that put the player in command of an Air Force amidst an epic war, with unlockable campaigns that lets players switch roles and become the enemy
  • Fly modern-day, super-advanced, and even experimental jets. Seven new planes give you access to 19 of the world’s most devastating fighter planes.
  • Futuristic premise and the greatest array of war machines ever amassed, including jets, bombers, helicopters, tanks, ships, submarines, hovercraft, battle-mechs, attack satellites, flying fortresses, transforming bases, and more!!

Big Feature Payload

  • All-new, 2-player mode with split-screen or using iLink
  • Dynamic camera, with five different third-person, first-person, and in-cockpit views
  • Wingmen command before and during missions
  • Fully customizable planes and ordinance, interactive 3D battle maps, movie archives, unlockable art galleries, and more!
  • Game Name : Lethal Skies II
  • Region : USA
  • Release Date : September 9, 2003
  • Genre : Flight Simulator
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