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Maken X Dreamcast ISO Free Download

Free Download Maken X Dreamcast ISO. Only six months after being released in Japan, Maken X finds its way to the U.S. The storyline is set during a time when the world is in chaos; people are living in fear while China and the U.S. fight for supremacy. Elsewhere, a group of Japanese scientists were assigned to Plan X, a top-secret mission to test something called PSI, also known as Soul. Unfortunately for the scientists, the mission did not remain a secret as it was interrupted by a creature that killed almost everyone in the lab and kidnapped the chief scientist.

Players first take on the role of Kay Sagami, a high school student and daughter of the kidnapped scientist. In order to help rescue her father, Kay awakens the Soul Sword known as Maken X. Maken X is a sword that takes control of its user’s soul, an action referred to as “brainjacking.” Throughout Maken X, the sword will be able to brainjack 13 different characters in its quest to save the world. A couple of the other characters that you will be controlling include Fu Shou Lee, the man who created the sword, and Kou Yamashiro, a wealthy young man who is also Kay’s best friend.

Maken X is divided into Event Scenes, World Map, and Action Scenes. Event Scenes are cinematic sequences during which time players may respond to characters by selecting from the available dialog. At the World Map users can move between stages and search for key characters. Action Scenes are played from a first-person perspective where using the sword you can hack and slash your enemies. A lock-on targeting system is included that allows players to quickly select which area of an enemy to attack. Basic attack, multiple attack, special attack and the ability to deflect projectiles are various types of attacks that are also featured.

Player decisions during both Action Scenes and Event Scenes affect how the story will play out. Thus, Maken X’s nonlinear gameplay results in a possible seven different endings. The game runs at 60 frames per second and includes more than 20 levels as well.

  • Game Name : Maken X
  • Region : EU
  • Release Date : November 25, 1999
  • Genre : Action, Adventure
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