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Musashi Samurai Legend PS2 ISO Free Download

Free Download Musashi Samurai Legend PS2 ISO. Musashi: Samurai Legend helps the legend live on, as you experience Musashi’s latest journey! Called across space & time, Musashi mus save Princess Mycella and the Mystics to return home. But he’s not alone — with help from an eccentric but brilliant martial arts master, Musashi will become the greatest samurai ever known. With an entire world to save, he has his work cut out for him!

Hardcore Square fans rejoiced when it was announced that the Brave Fencer Musashi series was coming back. I’m happy to report that these stalwarts will not be disappointed. In other reviews in this issue, I’ve taken games to task for sticking to staid design and plot clichés. Well, here’s the review where I look like a hypocrite because, while it definitely features some well-worn concepts and plotlines, there’s something oddly appealing about this game that keeps things feeling fresh throughout your adventure.

It’s mostly down to superb execution. Square has implemented a character advancement and item system that rivals most full-blown RPGs. As expected, you can acquire new items and weapons, and improve your attributes in a number of areas. But what’s really cool is how they’ve given you the ability to learn attacks from your enemies (á la Final Fantasy). By locking on to an enemy, you can instantly gain new abilities with a few well-timed button presses. It’s ingenious, and adds a ton of depth to the proceedings. The deep and exacting combat is really at the core of what makes this a great game – especially in the gorgeous boss battles.

Aside from the combat, I found the story element – while not too original – very compelling. It’s mostly due to the humorous dialogue, which hits that perfect note of classic Japanese whimsy and silliness. Little touches like being referred to by my instructor as “unripe melon” or having an enemy taunt me by exclaiming “I’m wicked popular!” brought more than a few chuckles.

While it does have its weaknesses (the levels are a bit generic and there was a bit too much backtracking for my taste), Musashi succeeds with great visual style, excellent humor, and rock-solid gameplay.

  • Game Name : Musashi Samurai Legend
  • Region : USA
  • Release Date : March 15, 2005
  • Genre : Action, Role-Playing
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