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Need for Speed: Most Wanted PS2 ISO Free Download


Free Download Need for Speed: Most Wanted PS2 ISO.
“Need for Speed: Most Wanted” for the PlayStation 2 is an ambitious step forward for the series. Published by Electronic Arts, this PS2 game blends popular aspects of its predecessors such as tuner customization and police chases. It features a massive game world and Porsche as an exclusive license, including the highly coveted Porsche Carrera GT. The game supports most PlayStation controllers, including the PS2 DualShock and wheels.As with most “Need for Speed” games, vehicle selection is extensive and range from Aston Martin to Volkswagen. Featured vehicles from Ford include the 2005 Ford GT and Mustang GT. Other notable options involve the Subaru Impreza WRX, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and the Chevrolet Corvette C6. Players begin with something a bit more modest and have to work their way up to the high-end machines.As you go, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your cars. There are numerous body kits to choose from, and you can alter exhausts, side mirrors, and other parts. The game also features customization specialties that let you add nitrous, hydraulics, and even trunk audio. You can paint your car and tint your windows, which reduce your heat level.This racing video game features an open world that continues to evolve dynamically as you progress. Participating in a race or another event requires players to locate and pull up to the start line. There are six event types, including circuit, point-to-point, knockout, and drag. New to the series is tollbooth racing, which is point-to-point racing with checkpoints. There are also speed traps, which have you vie for top speeds at traffic cameras across the map.Quick race is the fastest way to play, and you’ll even have access to vehicles you haven’t won or purchased yet. This is also where you’ll find split screen mode, which lets you compete against a friend on the same screen. If you’d like to save your game progress, you’ll want to play in career mode.The “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” career mode takes you through the storyline. Progress involves winning races and achieving other milestones, including conquering a blacklist of rivals. Your blacklist rivals are something you’ll have to work toward throughout the “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” experience. Beat a rival on the blacklist and your bounty will rise. Certain events and areas may be off-limits to you until you achieve a certain bounty level, which makes the blacklist crucial to complete.”Need for Speed: Most Wanted” also features the Challenge Series. This is somewhat of an end-game mode, but you can play it whenever. There are 69 increasingly difficult challenges to conquer, and you can compare your performance against other players throughout the world. The pursuit system is active during your career and pits you against cops roaming the open world. If you let them catch you, you’ll lose cash and prestige. If you make a daring escape, you’ll be watching your street reputation rise.

  • Game Name : Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Region : USA
  • Release Date : November 11, 2005
  • Genre : Racing
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