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Nightmare Creatures II Dreamcast ISO Free Download


Free Download Nightmare Creatures II Dreamcast ISO.

It has been one hundred years since Adam Crowley was last defeated, but the Circle did not destroy him as they had hoped. They merely weakened him, allowing him to bide his time and regain his strength. Crowley planned on using a powerful and ancient artifact known as the Glyph to summon an immortal creature from the great beyond and merge with it, thereby rendering himself unstoppable in his quest for world domination.

Even though the most powerful members of the Circle have been destroyed, there is still one man who will stand up to the evil presence: Herbert Wallace, a kidnap victim of Crowley and the man who, for his entire life, has endured Crowley’s horrible torture and black magic experiments. As Crowley has re-emerged from his hundred-year exile, Wallace has escaped from his grasp, and now he is the only hope in hunting Crowley down and stopping him forever.

Nightmare Creatures II from Kalisto is the sequel to the successful 1998 action-adventure title which had players slaying the creatures of darkness. Players will take on the role of Herbert Wallace, the horribly deformed and distorted shell of a man who has been chasing his former master through the dark and dangerous streets of 1930s London and Paris. The game is played from a third-person perspective, as you follow Herbert around town while he hacks, slashes, shoots, and casts his way through the nightmarish hordes in pursuit of the sinister Adam Crowley.

Wallace will make his way through nine different areas in both England and France, from his hospital to old graveyards in search of his former master. On the way, he’ll be able to equip twelve different weapons, be it an axe, a gun, or a sword, which is on top of the basic moves he possesses. Wallace has three different attacks, all of which can be chained together in different ways, culminating in special fatality attacks that will decapitate or disembowel opponents.

Players can practice these combos in a Therapy mode that lets them try their skills on helpless ghouls and zombies. They can also collect items that allow Wallace to unleash powerful, monster-melting spells. While an ambient horror soundtrack plays throughout the main game, Rob Zombie provides the hard rock tunes during the cinematic cut-scenes.

  • Game Name : Nightmare Creatures II
  • Region : EU
  • Release Date : May 24, 2000
  • Genre : Survival Horror
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