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[Playstation Game News] Patch Notes: Version: NW.110.20190519a.40


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Release Notes 

Content and Environment


All events that drop items in the world now allow players to get the drops from enemies 10 levels below them, increased from 7. This allows these items to drop in most legacy campaigns.



Combat and Powers


Soulforged Enchantment: This enchantment can no longer cause players to exceed the 5-stack cap of Revive Sickness.



Enemies and Encounters


Kessell's Retreat: Enemies should now deal a more reasonable amount of damage in this dungeon.



Items and Economy


When viewing the Master's Desk, an artisan application no longer has a chance to unexpectedly change after dismissing a current artisan.


The Choke Chain of the Companion can now be purchased in the Undermountain campaign store.
Trobriand's Construct now has a Collections entry.



User Interface


Artifacts should now show more accurate damage numbers in Collections and Refinement.
Enchantments no longer display in item comparison tooltips.


Certain campaigns no longer require players to do introductory quests to participate even after purchasing a campaign buyout.


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