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Project Justice – Rival Schools 2 Dreamcast ISO Free Download


Free Download Project Justice – Rival Schools 2 Dreamcast ISO.

First there was the ultra-fun arcade game from Naomi. Then Capcom gave us the excellent Rival Schools on the PSOne. Finally the fun comes to the Dreamcast with Project Justice. This tag-team 3D fighter brings back 16 characters from the beloved Rival Schools, as well as six brand-new fighters: Class President, Ran, Zaki, Yurika, Momo and Nagare. Players pick three fighters to compete in these battles royale. The game does not allow players to switch back and forth between fighters in mid-battle like Marvel vs. Capcom 2; instead, players will switch fighters between rounds. But the extra warriors aren’t just sitting on the sidelines picking their noses. Project Justice allows players to utilize their extra fighters in two ways: the first is a “Party-up” technique, in which the other two fighters will jump into the melee to perform a special move on the enemy. These special moves give Project Justice its originality and flair. The moves are utterly ridiculous and incredibly fun to watch. Some of them involve elaborate synchronized dances, in which the enemy (presumably against their will) joins the extra fighters for a few sweet seconds of booty shaking before the coup de grace is delivered. When the characters finally cooperatively attack their opponent, the screen explodes in a burst of color. The second way players can call their teammates into the action is by using the Team Up technique, in which one of the player’s partners will jump into the battle to heal, power up or help buddy attack the mutual enemy. These Team Up moves can be countered by the newly added “Team Up Technique Counter.”

The graphics in Project Justice are ultra-crisp, and even the backgrounds (though the color scheme might be a tad bland) are delightful eye candy of the highest quality. The characters look excellent, and there is enough extra motion going on in the background to keep even a passive observer entertained.

The game features five modes in all: Arcade, Versus, Training, League Battle and Tournament Battle. When playing in story mode, players start the game with three characters that represent one of the schools. It is up to players to move their teams up through the ranks, battling other trios from the rival schools. The story mode features some dialogue to explain the development of the plot — but let’s not fool ourselves, we don’t play fighting games to read, we play them to fight. And the fighting in Project Justice is some of the most entertaining, action-packed battling we’ve seen on the Dreamcast for some time.

The control handles a lot like the Street Fighter games, and the game actually feels a lot like a 2D fighter with really good graphics, until players master the side step. The control set up, attack timing and combos are all pretty standard. As we stated earlier, it’s in the special attacks that this game really shines.

  • Game Name : Project Justice – Rival Schools 2
  • Region : EU
  • Release Date : December 17, 2000
  • Genre : Fighting
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