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[Retro Gaming News] Batman Group WOW’s with ‘Amstrad Supremacy’, Vespertino work in progress racing sim teaser video


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Vespertino, is a real racing simulator. A racing game that shows no old school 8-bit pixels or sprite blockiness in it’s graphics. It demonstrates a fluidity of speed and animation not seen in most standard 8-bit machines, looking and feeling more like an advanced 16-bit computer or console game. To me it looks like a true arcade cabinet game. Yet BG claim that this game will work on all standard Amstrad CPC’s!

“A racing simulator that will crown the Amstrad CPC as the best 8-bit platform”. That is some statement to put in your own work in progress gaming video. Bold, very bold and blowing your own trumpet come to mind, however if you know who Batman Group (BG) are, you will know that they have been around for 28 years producing incredible demos and games across many platforms and they always deliver excellence. One look at their new Amstrad CPC game teaser video (which is shared above) and you will be totally mesmerized. Kamil Slawinski said on Amstrad CPC Classic Gaming and Demos Facebook group – “I’m speechless!”


Multiple colour selection, multiple car selection, in game graphics and features that are totally blowing people’s minds and this is only from seeing a few seconds of progress video. To say that jaws are dropping throughout the social media landscape on Amstrad CPC and retro gaming communities across the world would not be an exaggeration. Vespertino boasts 16-bit performance, a 3D CRTC-FX engine, full overscan, 25fps in game, enhanced video modes, true speed feeling, ufd sprites, pri technology and the largest 8-bit ost.

BG have been breaking traditional Amstrad CPC coding rules demonstrating just what is possible with an Amstrad CPC machine since 2011. Batman Forever demo showcased coding techniques never seen before in a CPC demo and BG’s soon to be commercially released Pinball Dreams game, is another example of what can be achieved with a standard Amstrad CPC for a game that was originally released in the 1990’s on the Amiga and PC platforms.



Vespertino, though, goes even further, it breaks all the Amstrad CPC game development limits. As the BG video shows it really is epic code porn of the highest quality on an Amstrad CPC, or any 8-bit machine or platform for that matter.

After watching the Vespertino video, Mark Adams stated on Amstrad CPC Classic Gaming and Demos group on Facebook – “feels like Christmas 1985 to me!” It may only be a work in progress, but Vespertino is already having such a crazy exciting effect on Amstrad CPC fans and other retro gaming fans alike with already close to 2,200 views on You Tube and many, many more views and shares to come in the days and weeks ahead for sure.

This work in progress video will give any Amstrad CPC gaming enthusiast goosebumps and make their hair stand up all over their body, it truly is awesome. To me it feels just like it was 1989 / 1990 when so many amazing new commercial release games were hitting the magazines for reviews and i would marvel at the physical game boxes found in the shop shelves to buy.

With so much love and thanks to Rhino (code), Toni Galvez (3D gfx) and Mac (art), The Amstrad CPC Supremecy is coming….. to experience the full Vespertino work in progress game click on the Batman Group’s video shown above.


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