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[Retro Gaming News] Classic Disney 16 Bit Titles See Revival in Cartridge Form – Retro Gaming Magazine


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If you were a gamer in the 16-bit days, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo era, then you are probably well versed with Disney titles. Among the best were Aladdin and Lion King, Mickey Mouse and Goofy among many other characters carried respectable entries during this period (and in the 8-bit era prior). It is those two games that are the subject of many an article lately and for good reason. Get ready for another release of Aladdin on Sega Genesis and Lion King on Super Nintendo.

Limited release editions

According to, these releases are made possible by a few participants. Iam8Bit and Nighthawk Interactive created the special edition aesthetics collectors will enjoy while Retrotainment Games and Infinite NES Lives handled the actual manufacturing work.

Each title will come with full color manuals featuring restored artwork and a custom dust cover. There will also be surprises packed-in.

Truly limited

Aladdin and Lion King will both be limited to 4,500 copies. This means that while it is not likely we will see a day one sell out, I would not bet on these being around a year later. That means eventually your only option will be eBay sellers with much higher prices.

If you are interested in securing a copy of Aladdin or Lion King then get ready to pony up about $100 for each. This is indeed a higher cost than most fans are used to paying for such a release, there is no way around that.

Supporting the independent game development scene usually sees similar prices for titles that only feature the cartridge. Considering these come with a full color manual, new forward by Mike Mika, a special foldout box, and colored cartridges is at least interesting.

Aladdin Sega Genesis

One in eight units will be a special cartridge. Iam8Bit stresses that these are truly random. No one knows where a special edition is going to be shipped so don’t bother asking for one.

Lion King features a Mufasa Yellow cartridge with the “chase”, if you will, cartridge being a translucent Serengeti sunrise color (it also glows in the dark).

Aladdin will come in a translucent Ruby Red cartridge with the special edition being Magic Carpet Purple (which will glow in the dark).

Check out the iam8Bit website for Aladdin and Lion King and support these if they are something you want. Who knows, we might get more like this in the future.

For more Disney coverage, check out our articles here on Retro Gaming Magazine.

If you could choose the next Disney titles to get similar treatment, what would they be? Tell me in the comments below.

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