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[Retro Gaming News] Classic Gaming Platforms New Gaming Experiences – Shooter Edition


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Dangan Nintendo Game Boy

Today the scrolling shooter is not all that mighty but back in the day, man, you could measure the power of a platform by the scrolling shooters released for it. For years Thunder Force III was the game, at least in my neck of the woods. Other classics I have fond memories of include Space Megaforce on the Super Nintendo and Blazing Lazers on the Turbo Grafx-16. Back then I was pretty good at scrolling shooters. Not so much today. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying them though. With that, here is a handful of new games for fans of these genres.


Redshift, ZX Spectrum

When you think of the limitations of the ZX Spectrum you might be thinking of that color palette. While it is quite limited, it is put to great use here by World XXI Soft Inc in this effort. Everything you need to see is clearly defined here making it a less daunting feat to beat the 5 levels (each with three difficulty settings that utilize tricks to add to the challenge).

Dangan, Game Boy

This is a bullet hell shooter for the Nintendo Game Boy. Yes, you read that right, a bullet hell shooter for the original Game Boy. What is here is quite challenging and can be a lot of fun if this type of shooter is your cup of tea.

Thunderbolt II, Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis was alive and well during the great period of scrolling shooters. The Genesis is the home of Thunder Force III for instance. Thunderbolt II is a rescueware release by Piko Interactive. This is not a bullet hell shooter and contains normal levels and bosses that you would expect from a vertical shooter from the 90’s, which this is. Before Piko picked up the rights this was a Taiwanese exclusive.

Battle Crust, Sega Dreamcast

Speaking of Thunder Force, the music composer for that classic did the music for Battle Crust by JoshProd for the Sega Dreamcast. This is definitely an interesting release, many enemies, especially bosses, feature tons of animation (something you don’t see all that often in a scrolling shooter). Currently out of stock on sites like Play-Asia so that leaves eBay or Amazon.

What genre should we put the focus on next? What games? Got any suggestions? Let us know in the comments or via the contact page (link at the top).

Carl Williams

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