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[Retro Gaming News] Netflix Bandersnatch’s ZX Spectrum game ‘Nohzdyve’ gets MSX version – Vintage is the New Old, Retro Games News, Retro Gaming, Retro Computing


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Giovanni Nunes has published on his blog (in Portuguese) a version of Nohzdyve for the MSX. The game was featured on Black Mirror’s episode Bandersnatch, an interactive tv show where the main character is a game developer in the ’80s.

In the show, the game is one of the releases by Tuckersoft, a fictitious game publisher, for the ZX Spectrum. At the end of the show, there was an easter egg (which we explain here) which let you download the playable ZX Spectrum Nohzdyve. The game is very basic, but the fact that it was developed exclusively for the show, makes it an instant classic.

Giovanni wanted to use a simple game to prove himself he could develop an MSX game using something similar to the MVC architecture. The result is a perfect version of the original game (The graphics were taken from the ZX Spectrum version).

If you want to see how it was created or just to play it, follow the link below. If you don’t have a MSX emulator installed, you can always use WebMSX.

Link: Binary and Sources
Source: Giovanni’s Blog

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