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[Retro Gaming News] Nintendo Entertainment System Mode-7 3D Engine Shows Promise – Retro Gaming Magazine


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Nintendo Entertainment System Mode-7 3D Engine Shows Promise

mode 7 3d engine

3D on the Super Nintendo was a huge selling point for the 16-bit console from Nintendo. The NES was not exactly capable of this stuff, though some developers certainly tried, with varying results. Leave it to independent homebrew developers to one up the official stuff we saw years ago. One such developer, Z80artist on YouTube, is doing just that and well, the results are quite jaw dropping. Read on to find out more about the Mode-7 3D engine.

This is a NES game engine

Read that sentence as many times as you need to after watching the video below. This is a Nintendo Entertainment System game engine. According to the developer, this game engine uses NES cartridge mapper MMC3 51K ROM, the one used in Super Mario 3. It also will support 256 unique graphic tiles which will allow for more detail and more curves in the tracks. Finally, there are 256 degrees/angles of movement.

Okay, I am not a developer and that was harder to type up than it probably should have been. With that said, to me, all that means is this is an impressive feat of programming prowess. It also says there is plenty of room for more to be done/added.

Not just targeting the Nintendo NES

Yeah, this Mode-7 3D engine is also being worked on for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. That makes sense considering the two platforms are very similar in hardware – to the point Nintendo even produced a DX version of Super Mario Bros. Knowing this Mode-7 3D engine is concurrently being developed for the portable might mean could see some cross-platform ports between the two. Ports that will be more like each other unlike say, Batman on NES and Batman on the original Game Boy.

I do hope that as this Mode-7 3D engine continues development that the graphics will be changed. This is mainly so Nintendo doesn’t come down on them and put a stop to development. Follow development of the Mode-7 3D engine over on YouTube.

Carl Williams

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