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[Retro Gaming News] OTTTD – Over The Top Tower Defense – Review


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Time to preemptively defend humanity in Over The Top Tower Defense, blasting its way onto the Nintendo Switch from the team over at SMG Studios

Over The Top Tower Defence (OTTTD) is a game where the title already tells you everything you need to know. Mega HEROCORP has found a way to open interdimensional portals to far off hellscapes for fun and profit. It’s up to you to assemble a squad and destroy the possible threat these creatures may cause, the best defence is a good offense right? Each level has you defending a mobile headquarters from waves of enemies by deploying your squad and building machine gun turrets, laser cannons, rocket launchers and more.

Fans of other SMG games will recognise the same humour and charm in OTTTD straight away.There is lots of funny flavour text in menus, mission descriptions and load screens. New squad members can be named manually but there is also a random name generator that can create fantastic names like Spanner Longtooth, Bubba Noblefist and Shiv Mcpunchy. Each character’s style, attitude and quips are very cheesy but suit the overall style of the game, where everything is cranked up to eleven.

OTTTD’s look is excessive perfection, soldiers look big and beefy, guns are massive and explosions are satisfyingly big. Enemies can range from zombies and squirming eyeballs to laser cod and giant flying sharks. The gameplay itself is a mix of your standard tower defense game with the addition of RPG elements, adding some nice depth. Each level will give you up to a 3 star rating and your team will earn currency and experience, this allows you to buy new upgrades and unlock skills to use.

Enemies will follow a path through the level towards your mobile base and you need to destroy everything that stumbles into your crosshairs. Starting each level with the basic turrets, you earn cash to upgrade and modify your defenses as you take out waves of enemies. Defeated foes will be blown into gibs that litter the battlefield, leaving a very visible trail of carnage which is very satisfying. Apart from the campaign, there is also an endless mode to unlock for a real challenge.

Whether you enjoy tower defense games or just the quirky humour, there is something here for everyone. Packed with of hours of fun and destruction, OTTTD is a fantastic game that finds a perfect place on the Nintendo Switch.


Mat Panek
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Disclosure: OTTTD [Nintendo Switch] was kindly provided by SMG Studio for this review.



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