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[Retro Gaming News] Retroguru Sends Atari Lynx Gamers Gift – Retro Gaming Magazine


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Nutmeg Atari Lynx

Ah, the good old Atari Lynx, the portable that just couldn’t get off the ground. Blame the platform cost parents and fans had to shell out. Blame the lack of big-name games. Whatever the reason the Lynx was not as popular as it could have been, the fact remains, independent homebrew developers are keeping it alive and well decades later. Retroguru and their game Nutmeg are just one example of new games coming.

Retroguru a company supporting many retro platforms

Go ahead, check out the Retroguru website and some of their releases. For the most part, their releases are made available on a ton of retro platforms. From the Caanoo to the PlayStation Portable, fans of many platforms are covered.

Supporting the obscure and obsolete

The Atari Lynx is one of those portables that fell to the Nintendo Game Boy in the 1990’s. The failure of the Lynx could be due to a few things, or a combination of things. For one, Atari was completely new to portable gaming. Another possible reason was not understanding how gaming had changed.

Nutmeg is one new title that the Lynx will receive soon. This title shows a little more of the power of the Atari portable that we didn’t see decades ago. Side scrolling action. Sure, there was that one game about a monkey, Gordy something and there was Slime World. Outside those two, side scrolling action games were quite rare on the Lynx.

From the gameplay video we can see there will be plenty of variety to the levels in Nutmeg. What is interesting is, the Lynx has quite a low resolution screen but Nutmeg seems to get around this major limitation and present graphics that are quite detailed without being blocky. I know other games did this too, I am just pointing out a cool feature considering the devs avoided the development trope of “8-bit” graphics. Thank goodness.

We will have to wait as there is no word on a release date for Nutmeg on the Atari Lynx. When I have one, I will post it. Till then, check out our other Atari Lynx coverage. Why not grab an Atari Lynx on eBay while you wait for Nutmeg?

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