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[Retro Gaming News] Star Wars Pin: The Force Will Be With You!


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If you missed the news from last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, Stern Pinball Inc. announced their new home edition pinball machine, Star Wars Pin!

Jack Danger of Dead Flip fame streamed the new machine from the event and we have to admit, we really liked what we saw. If you missed Jack’s Twitch stream of Star Wars Pin, you can catch it here or check it out below.

Watch Star Wars Pin, Live from ComiCon from DeadFlip on

With a price point of AU$6,850*, the Star Wars Pin machine will hit Australian shores in October for those budget conscious pinball enthusiasts that want their pinball fix at home.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a smaller or massively cut-down version of a pinball machine – Star Wars Pin is still a commercial grade pinball machine with the same playfield dimensions plus all of the sub-assemblies (flippers, drop targets, slingshots, bumpers) of it’s big brother Stern cornerstone machines, but without the coin mechanism or coin wiring, hence the home edition moniker. Coupled with Stern’sSpike‘ system (operating architecture), this Star Wars Pin becomes an attractive proposition for Star Wars and pinball fans alike.

For those of you that get nervous thinking about the maintenance of a pinball machine, don’t fret, as long as you keep the machine clean and change the rubbers (dependant on the amount of play), you should see many many years of trouble-free and fun times with Stern’s Star Wars Pin!

We look forward to play testing this pinball machine once it hits our shores and telling you all what we think – so stay tuned. If you are keen on Star Wars Pin, hit up your local distributor (AMD or Zax Amusements) now!

* dependant on $AUD/$USD exchange rate between now and October 2019.

image source: AMD via Stern Pinball


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