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Space Channel 5 Dreamcast ISO Free Download


Free Download Space Channel 5 Dreamcast ISO.

Sega’s Space Channel 5 has you playing the role of Ulala, a 25th century reporter for the intergalactic network Space Channel 5. Outfitted in a mini-skirt, go-go boots, jetpack, and headset, her mission is to save a space station which has been taken over by alien invaders called Morolians. She accomplishes this task by dancing her way to victory against the aliens.

As Ulala moves through the space station, she encounters groups of aliens who perform dance routines. The player must use their Dreamcast controller to mimic the routines perfectly, including pauses and quick repeats, to rescue the people held hostage. There are 78 unique characters in the game, each with their own biographies which relate their dance preferences.

Each time the player defeats a group of aliens, the humans they took hostage join Ulala and dance behind her as she moves on to the next confrontation. There are two modes of play: Dance Battle and Shooting Battle. In the former, the goal is to only mimic the aliens’ movements while in the latter the goal is to shoot them as part of the dance steps.

If the player makes too many mistakes during a battle, the humans they’ve rescued will either go back to the aliens’ clutches or into the following of a rival reporter. Not only must Ulala make it through all the stages, but she must do so with the highest ratings of any of the reporters covering the invasion.

The dance moves become faster and more complex as the game progresses through four stages of play, including a psychedelic tunnel and an asteroid field. In the last stage, Ulala must rescue Michael Jackson, who the aliens captured so that he couldn’t perform his signature dance moves anymore.

Scattered throughout Space Channel 5 are hidden levels and mini-games for players who want to do some exploring. Games can be saved to a Visual Memory Unit and retrieved later.

  • Game Name : Space Channel 5
  • Region : EU
  • Release Date : October 1999
  • Genre : Music
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