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Vampire Night PS2 ISO Free Download

Free Download Vampire Night PS2 ISO. Vampire Night is the result of a collaboration between Namco and Sega development house WOW Entertainment. Reminiscent of the House of the Dead series of light gun titles, Vampire Night follows the exploits of two enigmatic vampire hunters — Michel and Albert — as they attempt to vanquish the evil Auguste and his loyal minions once and for all. The Arcade mode provides the main focus for the game, allowing one or two players to blast through six stages; each of which is concluded with a stand-off against a powerful boss character.

Gameplay consists of shooting anything and everything that appears onscreen (with the exception of the hapless villagers). Though few will be able to survive a barrage of bullets, each creature has a unique weak spot, which, if exploited, will bring about their demise far sooner than would otherwise be possible. Villagers that do happen to wander onscreen are usually under the influence of a parasitic creature known as the Sarcoma, which latch onto various parts of their hosts’ body. Shooting these parasites will free the villagers, however, should you hit the villager, the Sarcoma will transform them into werewolf-like beasts who will then try and attack you.

While fashioned after the aforementioned Arcade mode, a Special mode exists that provides the player with various tasks to complete in addition to finishing the game. New items and weapons can be unlocked upon completion of these tasks. Money collected during the game can also be used to purchase new equipment. A Training mode offers 17 mini-games to take part in, though many of these are initially locked and can only be played upon satisfying particular criteria. Hunter’s Files and Rankings provide information on the various beasts, characters, and items found in the game and the player’s scores, respectively. The game supports both, the original GunCon and the latest GunCon 2 peripheral.

  • Game Name : Vampire Night
  • Region : USA
  • Release Date : March 18, 2004
  • Genre : Arcade, Shooter
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